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Our team has penchant power, analytical approach to sketch client’s perceptions as Tech world has been changed. Now, insights are created and conveyed using advance tools and designers. Graphic designing is transmitting art for initial visible insight. Obligatory Service for company’s success story and viable edge in industry. Far Tech even offers designs to attach your digital branding with your marketing strategy and lead your business to steady business growth and brand identity. We design custom graphics to let your end users to show more interest in your business and to ensure more people to be attracted towards your social media resulting more followers on your social media accounts. This new era of convention determines the fact that people are more attracted towards the combination of exclusive and unique designs. Our artists take over the initiative and devote to design your custom logos, and different branding visuals for your business to expand your brand’s awareness or to promote your services across the globe. Our artistic team not only thinks out-of-the-box but also lives on the track of individuality, innovation, transformation, and excellence. Brands progressively requiring more artistic design products knowing the fact that visuals perform valuable communication and transformation of the concept with the end user. Seeing is believing as more and more businesses are entering markets resulting more competition among the brands so, artistic designing plays a huge part to participate in the modern and competitive business era.

It is become compulsory for Brands these days to gain the services of graphic designers to represent an exciting marketing image. There are multiple categories of graphics through which you can build your visual reputation. We offer brands incredible services of graphics through which they can stand visually strong among their competitors and can establish a perfect reputation.

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Creative Design Services

Logo & Branding

A logo must inspire and make customers feel for your brand. Our experts create perfect logos for every brand. It helps to generate a reliable image and customer loyalty.

Web & App Designing

We offer customized Web & App Designing Services which is a supporting mechanism of your business that speaks emphatically about your services.

Print Design

We create an eye-catching design that you will get to see. We offer dedicated creative designing services for all sorts of projects – both small and large. Let our experienced team create a customized graphic design for your brand.

Graphic Design

We offer custom-branded graphics to attach your digital branding with your substantial marketing security or leading your brand to consistent brand identity.

Art & Illustration

Characterizing brands through art and illustration is one of the impressive services our artistic team offers.

Product & Merchandise Design

Far Tech has qualified team having powerful communication skills to understand client’s idea to turn into designed product alongside we have style guide to generate different screens and features.


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Accounting Solution - Tiles Distributors
Accounting Solution - Tiles Distributors
Our Accounting Solutions for Tiles distributors is being used by number of Wholesalers and traders to keep the track of Sales, Inventory, Purchase and Ledgers details along with Business Analysis and Accounts details.
Solution for Restaurants & Food Chains
Solution for Restaurants & Food Chains
Centralized Restaurant Management Systems is being used by Multiple International and Local food Chains. It's One Solution to meet all your food chain needs. Along with Detailed Analysis of Sales, Inventory and Accounts..
Bingo - Point Of Sales
Bingo - Point Of Sales
Centralized solution being used by restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries and Retailers where you can keep track of Sales, Inventory, Recipe Management, Accounting along with 50+ reports for business Analysis and Accounts Details.


A Software acts as a tool that can elevate and rightly portray your brand value. Also, a mobile application can act as an added channel for extending the visibility of your brand. With a mobile app developed for your business, you can make yourself more accessible to users. Mobile app development for your business can widen your audience reach by providing them access on the move.

The mobile app development process is quite a simple one. The major steps involved are:

  • Goal Definition & Requirements Gathering
  • Design
  • System Architecture Design, Wireframing, UI/UX Designing, &    Prototyping 
  • Development
  • Functional Implementation, Software Coding & Optimization
  • Testing & Quality Assurance, Troubleshooting, & Testing.
  • Deployment
  • Launch, Beta Live, & Live
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring, Feedback, Analysis, & Complete Support

The user interface of a mobile application is the one that interacts with the user, and so the design needs to be perfect. Many high-end mobile applications with tons of features and functionalities fail to make their mark. Our mobile app design process focuses on elevating the user experience by making it relevant, meaningful, and accessible. A few significant steps of our mobile app design process includes,

  • UX Analysis
  • Wireframing
  • Interface Designing
  • Prototyping
  • Design specification
  • Designing graphics


There are numerous factors that we consider before selecting a mobile app architecture. The first and foremost thing is the organization and decoupling of all the components and the fact that the architecture should complement the business domain of the application. Apart from this, the budget, timeline, etc. factors are considered. And finally, we gauge the need for portability, security, manageability, performance, reusability, and testability.

The main difference between Hybrid apps and Native apps is that Native apps are developed for a specific operating system, whereas, Hybrid apps are developed for all the platforms. Hybrid apps run consistently on all the platforms and perform identically. While Native apps can be run only on the platform for which it is developed. If you are looking forward wot provide a customized user experience for all the platforms individually, then native apps are the ones for you. In case you are looking for providing a uniform experience across all the platforms, then Hybrid apps can be your savior. 

There are numerous programming languages for mobile app development depending on the type of mobile app to be developed, the platform on which it will be deployed, budget, functionalities to be included, etc. The languages used for developing mobile applications in general are, Java, Swift, Python, jQuery, Pearl, Scala, C, C++, C#, GoLang, Ruby, R, Objective-C, and many more to enlist.

Yes, we take care of everything right from ideation and design to deployment and maintenance. Once your mobile app is developed, we will test it and then deploy it on the relevant store, App Store or Play Store. We will completely deploy it and take care of the maintenance too. 


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